A Shaman thinks of mental illness as a birth of healing property in human. Malidoma Patrice says that they call mental illness a spiritual emergency and advocates to see the condition as a birth of a healer. What is generally viewed by westerners as a mental illness, the Dagara people call that a news from the other world. They think that the mentally ill people are actually the ones chosen as the messenger to communicate messages from the spiritual world. Disorder of this kind is a sign that two incompatible energies are taking stand in same dimension.

Dr Someve, when first visited US, noticed the way the country dealt with mental illness. He was surprised when he saw a fellow student getting treatment for things which were hailed spiritual in his culture. He didn’t understand the reason why the birth of a healer, as his native culture understands it, was being hampered with the use of pathology. He called it ‘wastage of psychic powers of a human being’.

One thing is a prevalent nature of western world; they don’t understand the existence of spiritual world in a man’s psyche. With improper reception and dosage of chemical compound, the one who was supposed to be a messenger of spiritual world turns into an insane person. The medicine worsens the situation and prevents the forthcoming unity of a human soul to spiritual world.

Schizophrenia and Foreign Energy

Schizophrenia is a special condition where an uncontrollable flow of information leads a man to go into frenzy. Dr. Someve suggests that the most important thing to do in this situation is to create a gap between the man’s energy and extraneous energy. The Shamanic practice is called for in such situations.

After this, it can be tried to align the person with the spiritual energy, to lead to the birth of a healer. When that birth is prevented, the real problem arises. The prevention leads a man to insanity as the spiritual energy makes the man go into frenzy. Though, not all the spirits are positive, shamanic practice believes in separating the man from that aura of spirit.

Case – Alex: Insane in US, Healer in Africa

Dr. Someve brought a patient named Alex to Africa. He wanted to verify if his beliefs were right. He stayed there for 4 years and boosted the doctor’s idea of healers. He, after some time, started spending time with other healers. Rituals were performed to align Alex’s energy with the spiritual world which consequently helped Alex in sharing the messages he received from the other world with the common people.

Longing for spiritual connection

Dr Someve places the western belief in mental illness as some ancestral energy which was inactive. He believes that the root of such energy can be traced back to the nature, mostly mountains and rivers. In US, there is a severe disconnection from the past and Dr. Someve states that you can run away from your past but hiding isn’t possible.

Ritualistic approach

The given approach needs a realization of the calling made by the spiritual world, which should be accepted by the person without any distress.  Taking a ritualistic approach allows the society to accept these so called mentally challenged people in the social realm which would benefit them and may prove beneficial to one and all.


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