Healing Stones That Are Absolutely Essential For Everyone

Healing stones are a blessing given to us by this Earth. They take eons to form and maybe because of their primal age, they emit a strong flied of energy.

Lots of tiny crystals make one stone and they are constantly in motion thereby creating an energy signature. Here are some of the most useful stones.

  1. The Artist’s Stone

The purple amethyst is renowned not only for its sheer beauty but also for its anxiety reducing properties. It can stimulate and soothe the mind, offer clarity of thought and act as a shield.

It is a very appropriate gift for a friend who is having a hard time, menopausal women and insomniacs.

Amethyst prevents dark thoughts from taking over your mind and amazingly enough, even cures hangovers. It expands our minds and strengthens our creative and intuitive skills.

  1. The Perfect Jewel

Quartz crystal might be very ordinary looking stones but they come with amazing healing, harmony and protective properties. Gift it to a person who is lost and overwhelmed by work.

Clear Quartz resonates at the same frequency as the needs of the person using it and focuses energy on the fulfillment of that need.

It also creates a force field of negative ions that heals and protects the aura. The static electricity it emits will cancel out any adverse effects from exposure to radioactivity.

  1. The Sky Stone

Perhaps the oldest stone to be used by man, Turquoise was used bykings, monks and soldiers alike for the protection and peace it offers. It is very helpful for frequent public speakers.

Often postulated as a symbol for the power of the masculine, it can protect you and your things from accidents and attack during travel and promote the skills associated with your career.

Turquoise also has a very high value as an ornament. You can use it in the form of elegant turquoise jewelry.

  1. The Merchant’s Stone

Citrine is the stone of wealth, abundance and joy, perfect for entrepreneurs and students who have many challenges to face.

It is a natural manifestation of the imagination and free will. It activates your chakra network, clears any obstacles in your mind and makes your soul feel alive again.

But be careful as it may cause some people to become very aggressive. If you are someone who is short tempered and irritable or if you like to spread scandal and rumors, avoid Citrine as much as you can.



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