Heal Yourself By Talking To Yourself

Human minds have not yet been able to unravel secrets of their own body. Today we will address one of those issues with which we are completely unfamiliar. Have you ever been able to communicate with yourself? Yeah, your body is listening because every body part has its own consciousness with which most of us are unaware. Today we will listen to story of a man who discovered the healing abilities of his own body.


Tale of an enlightened man

This is the story of a man who advertised the healing capacity of a human body. He was told of it by a woman who practiced medicine. He, at that time, was suffering from severe chronic pain disorder and other neuropathic conditions. One night after meditation he decided to communicate with his own body. After one hour of focussed trying, he noticed magical result being exhibited by his own body. He says that his tissues and nerves responded to his efforts. His calf muscles which had become paralyzed due to neuropathic conditions, suddenly showed a sign of movement.

These results were just the beginning of his journey ahead.


How to perform this body healing?

He calls meditation- a basic necessity for the body healing. Then these three steps are to be followed, if one wants to practice the concept.

  1. Think and believe in the powers and the individuality of your body parts. Understand that they too have a life of their own.
  2. Engage your mind in a conversation with your body. It will help you to build trust with your body and supportive environment for it to act.
  3. Make spontaneous changes in your course of conversation in order to invoke a sense of originality in your bond with your body.

We can easily notice the important role intention plays in the healing process. We will now talk about the studies conducted and conclusions drawn when intention was taken in due consideration.


Power of intention

Cleve Backster, a researcher of bio communication, talks about the power of intention in plants and body cells. He conducted an experiment on a plant which helped him with the conclusion that plant responds. And there he also demonstrated the power of intention. One day he connected a plant with the polygraph equipment and started his experiment. He noticed that when he approached the plant with the intention to burn it, the plant responded in the polygraph machine. But when he faked his intention of burning the plant, plant exhibited no sign of response. Same was the result with the red blood cells, when he conducted an experiment on them. He noticed that even if the blood cell was not inside the body of its donor, it responded several times and the timing corresponded to the time when the donor felt sudden rush of emotions.


Science and Culture

Science says that when the quantum physics will develop, it will be able to unravel the mysteries associated with bio-communication. Culture associated with the concept of “Antara” says that it verifies the existence of inner self. Inner self is the one that has connections with godliness which enables it with the power of healing.



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