Not all of us are meant to be with our twin flame in this lifetime. Twin flame concept has drawn all our attention towards itself. We are filled with the romantic ideas of love and connection with our soul’s identical being. However, not all of us realize that this lifetime could possibly not be the one in which we’re meant to spend the rest of our lives together. For most of us, it creates a void in our lives. We don’t find ourselves able to comprehend as to how we can feel connected with a person who we are not meant to be with.

What we don’t realize is that the separation from our twin flame is not a signal of the end of romance and love in our life. We need to understand that the separation is not the consequence of our actions, but it was just meant to happen. We need to believe that they came into our life just to give it a shape, which was essential and now that they have done their bit, they are gone.

Separating from the twin flame is difficult and when you try to forget them, our growth suffers hindrance. They came into our lives to give it a direction and if we forget them we may end up losing the direction we are supposed to take.

Finding love in a person who is not our twin flame is equally important. Though, what we experience with our twin flame is extra-ordinary, yet, our love life with others impacts us in a unique way. They are different but that doesn’t make them any less important. They can prove to be our soul mate, even if we don’t share the connection which we feel with our twin flame. The other person can be what we need in our journey of life and they can provide the comforts, which we may miss from our twin partner. This won’t be a compromise, but it would be like completing each other. Here we need to keep a single thing in our mind which is that, although, we have been separated from something amazing yet, we have a life in front of us which will offer other incredible things.

Breaking up is a great deal to handle. All of us have experienced the pain separation brings. What we must do is that we should process and channelize our pain towards growth. The process of healing must take us forward. There are many ways like meditation, journaling and many more to make sure that we grow in the process. We can also opt for rituals like writing things on a piece of paper and burning in a full moon night.

Once we are done with healing we are ready to open our heart. This is when we give our lives a second chance. All of us need to believe in this in order to grow throughout our lives. The only thing which we need to keep in our mind is that sometimes we are just not meant to be with our twin flame. We just have to accept this.



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