Energy Cleansing And Meditation Using The Elements of Life

Learning the usage of the elements of mother earth has a sense of primordiality in it. As we all know, we are made up of the elements of mother earth, and if we make ourselves able to utilize the four elements, we can help ourselves out of several issues of life. It is a popular belief that one accomplishes it by doing meditation in mountains and forest. However, the reality has nothing to do the aforementioned. One can accomplish it without ruining the harmony of his normal life in a city or village.

All these elements have a being associated with them. These beings are called with different names around the world. However, they are generally known as- the Sylphs of Air, the Salamanders of Fire, the Undines of Water and the Gnomes of Earth. These beings, also known as elementals, assist a human in cleansing and one must not forget to thank these elementals after taking their help.

One can clean oneself or the object around by the method which we will discuss now. The objects which are kept near the body should necessarily be cleansed.


The Elements are- Earth, Water, Air, Fire.

Earth: base or root chakra

Begin with removing your shoes or slippers. Stand on the ground barefoot. Now comes the part when you have to put your imagination at work. Feel that a root is originating from the soles of your foot and piercing deep into the ground. Now ask the mother earth to cleanse your body and mind from any negativity. You can also take help from the trees by making contact with them. They will be catalytic for the cleansing process.

Water: Sacral Chakra

Dunk yourself in flowing water and imagine that your body is getting cleansed by the flow. Alternatively, when you are taking the shower, feel that your body is washing away all the negativity from inside. You can also stand barefoot in the rain.

Fire: Solar plexus or Naval Chakra

Fire and sunlight is the key here. Expose yourself in the presence of suitable amount of sunlight. Or you can light the fire and let the warmth to make an impact on your body. You can also make use of the light and fire of candle when you’re meditating. The fire has the ability to burn out negativity and cleanse the human mind and body.

Air: Heart Chakra

Air has the power to blow away things. This power is the key to utilize the fourth element of mother earth. On a day, when air is in playful mood, you can put yourself in front of it, letting it wash away all the bad which exists inside you. Focussed breathing, feather and air work are other techniques which are equally useful if you want to cleanse yourself by the help of these elements.


Mother earth has given us everything which a man needs or desires for. We just need to learn making use of those helps extended to us. We need to make sure that in order to make use of earthly elements we should not start practicing insensitive exploitation of our Mother Earth.



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