A Complete Guide To 12 Strand DNA Activation And Its Benefits

When you do 12 strand DNA activation, you are providing a service to all mankind by awakening their inner souls.

While most people know all the staid textbook facts about DNA, they are quite unaware of the ten ethereal strands of DNA which are added for every double helix with two strands of DNA.

These strands are usually in a latent state but can be activated. Those who have done this successfully have found themselves gaining new abilities.

Nowadays, society is quite messed up and people are broken and unhappy, unable to feel love and feeling disconnected from the Universe.

It takes long and hard meditation to activate the 12 strands but it is a truly mystical experience. There are a lot of benefits you can gain from doing so.


Physical fitness

Your vitality and stamina are boosted because your metabolism becomes faster. This also helps create a balance between the natural fat and muscle in your body.

You will feel the need to be healthier and attempt detox whenever required. Your digestion will improve, as will your eyesight. Your aging process will be slower.

Emotional stability

A person who has been awakened will love and value themselves as well as other people. They are always clear headed and are not easily stressed out.

They’ve whole-heartedly accepted their true selves and can reveal it to others. They are non-judgmental and live entirely in the present moment, in a constant state of compassion and love.

Spiritual growth

The work put in to attain this state will leave that person with an understanding of a much higher wisdom. They transcend material desires and see life through the lens of spirituality.

They will be able to understand how the universe works and use that to gain abundance and prosperity. New gifts like clairvoyance and clairsentience will be bestowed upon them.

How to reach this state of awakening

The length of this process depends on the level of evolution that a person is at. But for everyone, it begins with the healing and purification of their entire being.

Then, they learn of the spiritual plan and understand that their life is more than just what they can feel with their five ordinary senses.

They must work on their energy fields and open channel that allow in the flow of sacred knowledge. Next, they spark the activation of the DNA by channeling the energy received on a Christic level.

Don’t forget that currently 10 strands of your DNA are not being used. Once you activate it completely, you will be able to explore all your great potential.




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