Different people value different principles. Read more to find out what your zodiac sign believes in the most.

• Aries

1. Don’t waste your time quarreling with me.
2. You won’t know if you’ll regret it till you do it.
3. Keep your inner child alive.
4. Stick to what you believe in.
5. I will defend myself by any means necessary.

• Taurus

1. I won’t share unless I want to.
2. If you don’t like food, I don’t like you.
3. Only the rich can afford to be cheap.
4. It’s not worth your while to argue with an idiot.
5. It’s harder to gain trust than to lose it.

• Gemini

1. The future is a mystery to all.
2. Two minds are more productive than one.
3. Quantity can be more important than quality.
4. A lover might leave you but a friend will not.
5. Staying idle can be dangerous.

• Cancer

1. Your home is your haven.
2. Patience reaps its own rewards.
3. Pointing fingers is easier than shouldering responsibility.
4. Genius and madness are two sides of the same coin.
5. The truth is more important than your opinion.

• Leo

1. Always be the best.
2. Education will not matter if you are ill mannered.
3. Put your whole heart into every task and do it well.
4. If you care for someone do not hesitate to let them see it.
5. Lies will always catch up to you.

• Virgo

1. Be patient and persevere to reach success.
2. Some things can be overlooked for the greater good.
3. A brave man will only work harder when times are hard.
4. Do not waste precious moments on trivial things.
5. Head over heart, always.

• Libra

1. Joy only grows when you spread it.
2. Diplomacy is the key to success.
3. Learn to let go of your principles at the right time.
4. Your nemesis should be closer to you than your best friend.
5. Always prove your love to those you care about.

• Scorpio

1. Let your passion guide you.
2. A wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf.
3. Success is sweeter when it comes from hard work.
4. If you haven’t lived with them, you don’t know them.
5. Every time you are knocked down, to rise again, harder and stronger.

• Sagittarius

1. The sorrow of a wise man is better than the joy of a fool.
2. Friends are worth their weight in gold.
3. View your mistakes as lessons.
4. Do not boast of anything you cannot do.
5. No task is impossible if you do it whole heartedly.

• Capricorn

1. Believe in yourself.
2. Wasting time is wasting money.
3. Forethought is important.
4. Rules are not meant to be broken.
5. A man’s word is his bond.

• Aquarius

1. Don’t give advice where it is not necessary.
2. Live life according to your own free will.
3. We all came into this world alone.
4. Love is a beautiful weakness.
5. Never a borrower or a lender be.

• Pisces

1. Do not force yourself when there is time.
2. Promises are like wind.
3. Sing, laugh and cry to your heart’s content.
4. Real love loves you for your flaws, not despite them.
5. You must first understand yourself to understand the world.




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