Many cultures believe in reading faces to understand a person. We are not talking about the physical aspects of beauty and ugliness. It is a way to unlock the soul of a person to an extent. In older days, science used these techniques to understand criminal psychology also. Let us see some of the ways we judge a person’s character by his face.

Shape of the face.

Round face- they are caring, emotional and sentimental people. They are good partners, being reliable for a committed relationship.

Oblong face- they are pragmatic beings, are workaholics as well. They are often considered to be egotistical, owing to their inclination towards athletics and fitness.

Square face- they are believed to be very aggressive, controlling and ambitious.

Triangular face- creativity and fiery temperament are the attributes defining these people; very intellectual.


Small eyes are supposed to be indicative of introvert and mysterious nature whereas, Big eyes are expressive.

People with calm and steady eyes are good at observing; are strong and focused. Eyes that wander are suggestive of fickle minded nature.

Opportunists have their eyes and eyebrows directed upwards.

People with heavy eyelids are supposed to have a strong libido.

Deep blue indicates extrovert personality, with a gentle and sensitive nature.

People with Light blue eyes are flirtatious.

People with deep green eyes are highly energetic and challenging in nature.

They say people with chocolate brown eyes are very passionate in terms of loyalty and dedication. A lot of Mediterranean and Middle East people have this eye colour.

Having a mind for reasoning, people with grey coloured eyes are intelligent.

Black and bold eyes are rare; they are dominant and impressive. They don’t hesitate to go out of their way to reach their goal.


Thick eyebrows suggest dexterous abilities of these people, whereas, thin eyebrows shows the apprehensive nature.

Impulsive behaviour is associated with people having eyebrows set low.  People with high eyebrows are careful and cautious.

Flat eyebrows are attributes of people with aesthetic temperament.


They suggest the sensuality, communication skills and he appetite of a person.

People with thinner upper lip and fuller lower lip are not considered to be very reliable in a relationship. The opposite set of lips gives too much into a relationship.

Having thin lips suggests narcissism, whereas full lips show the caring and sensitive side of the person. Flat lipped people are generally contained and controlled.

Pronounced wrinkles

Wrinkles around the eyes are lines of happiness. They spread joy and smile a lot.

Vertical lines between the brows show the pragmatic nature of the person.

People with lines running from the nose to the corner of the mouth are on the right track in their lives.


Big nose shows power and ego. They like to be associated with big projects. On the other hand, small nose suggests strong imagination and spontaneity. It is fun to be around them.

People with short nose are sentimental, loyal and caring. They are incapable of dealing with strong egos; lack motivation and ambition. A Long nose means big ambitions, a good leader and reliable instincts. They have a knack of handling business. They should be aware of their abilities, as their strengths are their only weaknesses.



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