8 Ways For An Empath To Let Go Of Absorbed Negativity

People seek out empaths as they are usually understanding and supportive people. They are good listeners who can accept others as they are and show them compassion.

But this can make life difficult for empaths as the more empathetic they are, the more they are troubled by the negativity of others, especially if it is not a situation that they can fix.

Highly empathetic people need to learn to clearly define boundaries so that other people’s problems don’t become their own. They need to be able to retain their energy for their own sake.

If you are struggling with this problem, you can try these 8 steps to cleanse yourself of all the negativity coming towards you.

  1. Understand the problem

If you’re suddenly feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions like anger and fear, stop and find out where they come from. Think of the last person you spoke to or the last place you were at.

Then if you can find out where they come from, tell yourself that these feelings belong to someone else. If you can help that person, do so, but if not, focus on helping yourself let go of the negativity.

  1. Delve deep

Try to find out why this other person’s unhappiness is affecting you so strongly. Maybe you’ve been in a similar situation or you care for them very deeply. Pin down your own problems.

Acknowledge your issues and try to make yourself better by expressing and then releasing them. Remember, ‘to err is human, to forgive is divine’.

  1. Spend time alone

Solitude will make it easier for you to analyze any negativity around you and find some sort of cathartic release.

  1. Protect yourself

Every time you’re confronted with poisonous people or situations, imagine that you are protected by a vast, invisible shield that protects you from external negativity.

  1. Wash away your problems

After you’ve distanced yourself from that person or place, take a bath and imagine all that negative energy just washing away from you. Even just washing your face and hands can make you feel better.

  1. Don’t hide your feelings

Expressing the emotions making their way through you is the healthiest manner in which you can recover from them. You might find yourself exhausted and sick otherwise from keeping it all in.

  1. Stay grounded

Imagine that all that negative energy is being absorbed into the earth through a tube with you at the other end. Also visualize that the earth is sending positive energy back to you.

  1. Commune with nature

There is no medicine more effective than the great outdoors. Enjoy this beautiful earth and let the wind blow away all your troubles.



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