7 Tips To Practice Distance Healing

Nature is full of energy beings and we are a part of the same nature. All of us have the energy flowing within and around us. Most of us are not aware of this energy and hence, we are not able to make use of it. Once we become aware of this energy and its potential, we can use it to aid and heal the people we care about. This is not a talent, but a sort of awakening to our own potential. Now, we will talk about the ways using which we can tap into our energy.

  1. Space is important:

    You need a quiet and clean place for this. You will need space which is more than enough as well as clean if you want to practice distance healing.

  2. Calm your mind:

    You need a calm and peaceful atmosphere for it. Take a few deep breaths. Inhale and exhale for a while. Now strengthen your intention about sending your healing energy. You can even say the name aloud to whom you want to send your healing energy.

  3. Life your spirit:

    If you want to start sending healing energy, you need to start rubbing the hands in a circular motion until you feel the energy between them. The flow of energy should be felt when you pull your hands away.

  4. Imagine shaping the energy:

    When you start feeling the flow of energy, start giving it a shape of ball. You can, in fact, give colours to the shaped energy depending on the type of healing. These colours and their quality are:

  • Blue: emotional healing
  • Orange: physical healing
  • White: spiritual healing
  • Green: heart healing
  • Purple: psychic protection

Focus on these balls and visualize them growing big and strong.

  1. Start the act:

    When you are satisfied with the strength of your energy, start visualizing the flow of energy to the person or anyone you want. You can imagine the person receiving the energy.

  2. Re-energize yourself:

    When you are done sending the energy, the time is ripe for you to recharge yourself. You can do that in various ways. Walking in a park, meditation, relaxing sleep or bath can help you out.

  3. Expert advice:

    The energy you send depends on your present condition. Hence, one should avoid this when they are not perfectly alright.

Although not necessary, yet, if you tell the person that you’re sending the healing energy then they will be better at receiving it.

Don’t have any negativity while sending the healing energy, if you want it to work. It is well-known that whatever you send, you will receive it three times better.

Distance healing is very powerful and one should, if aware of the process, help people who are in need.



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