5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For The Energy Of The Full Moon

The energy of the universe is at its most vibrant during the full moon. Ready yourself to absorb this energy by purifying and cleansing yourself in all aspects.

Here are 5 ways to cleanse yourself in order to have the most healing and cathartic full moon nights.

Mind cleanse

Take a moment to listen to where your thoughts are headed. Are you always being cruel to yourself by thinking derogatory thoughts and referring to yourself using hateful words?

Put away those thoughts and concentrate on positivity and kindness. Lean to love yourself and you’ll also yourself automatically pushing away from the people who treat you like you used to treat yourself.

Physical cleanse

It’s amazing how sometimes we intuitively know that we need to purify our bodies and so eat less and healthier before the full moon. A good detox at this time is very important.  The energy of the moon is linked to your body through the menstrual cycle. This purifies the uterus to prepare it for the creation of new life. You can help your body in this process by cleansing your skin.

Emotional cleanse

The most cathartic activity you can indulge in is crying. It’s the best way to have a complete emotional release. So, break out that box of tissues and a set of sad movies or books.  Confront all the emotions you’ve been avoiding. Write them down to unburden your mind. You can even indulge in a nice magnesium bath. This makes you as receptive as possible for the moon’s energy.

Environmental cleanse

Clear out all the clutter in your home so that your mind has the space to relax without any distractions. For example, those clothes you don’t like the look of that make you feel bad, just throw them out!  Attract a flow of positive energy by decorating your home with beautiful green plants, sage smoke and incense. This can also help increase your level of wealth and prosperity by attracting new opportunities.

Spiritual cleanse

Carefully analyze what is pulling you down in daily life. Forget societal rules and external pressures and let go of whatever you need to. You’ll feel light and carefree, more like yourself.  Don’t waste your precious energy on people who would not expend any on you. Cut of unnecessary ties and instead focus your efforts on yourself.  Lastly, just remember that purging this negativity is essential as it reflects on you materially and spiritually. Life will feel misaligned in some way if you cannot practice this art of detachment.





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