At certain moments in life, it seems to us like everything we hold dear or necessary is falling apart in front of our eyes. It’s important to realise, amid the hopelessness, that at such crucial moments, life may just be falling into place!

In life, Change is the only constant. Even though sometimes change can appear chaotic but more often than not, it’s a symptom of everything in your life slowly harmonizing with one another.

  1. You can no longer tolerate things you dislike

Feeling annoyed is like an idle mosquito bite that takes you by surprise. Even though it may be a minor bite but the itch becomes bothersome. Just like that, certain negative things in your life that you previously didn’t bother much about become taxing and intolerable. This is an indication that soon there’ll be a breaking point and action has to be taken!

  1. You no longer know where you are

If you have begun to feel lost in your life with regards to all your crucial ambitions and desires, take note that it is indeed good news. Feeling lost may seem chaotic, not having a direction in life may appear scary but you need to understand that all these conditions are providing you with what we call a clean slate! When we have no particular desires to move towards, that is the precise moment we collide with the inner workings and manifestations of our soul. This helps you tread a new path, in a new light that can completely change the way you view the world and everything in it!

  1. Break out from your Cocoon

It’s intriguing to notice the intense cycles of attachments and detachments we go through all year round. At one point of time our schedule is filled with exhaustive activities with our families and friends, be it parties or trips or festive fervours. On the other hand, we spend long amounts of time alone in our own company, often feeling depressed or profoundly introspective about ourselves and our lives.

These changes in momentum are crucial and they help us gain perspective into the inner workings of our mind. When we look within we can chart emotional, psychological and spiritual growth. When we look without, in the company of loved ones, it provides us with new experiences that broaden our horizons. Hence breaking out of your own cocoon is essential to embark on a journey where you can expand your experiences and trace your way towards a better life!

  1. You are overwhelmed with feelings of anxiousness while being excited

Now that you are breaking out of the cocoon, you can finally set foot into a new and better life. But this very new and unknown sense of possibility can fill you with both the opposing feelings of anxiety and excitement at the same time! But as these feelings start to pump you up, you will know that there is no better time to plunge into this new-ness than now and here! The fact that you have absolutely no idea about what is to come, yet you are filled with the energy to discover is what assures you that you are in the right track!

There’s no need to put anything into a planner, or try to make schedules out of what is to come because that will only add to your woes! But at the same time you are starting to see your goal, more clearly than ever and it is only a matter of letting yourself go with the flow. Your higher self has already chalked out a course and all you need to do is be patient and embrace it.

  1. Everything starts to fall into place!

As you dive into the path you have already crafted for yourself, you will slowly begin to see the synchronicities left behind by the universe that serves as the best assurance, assurance that you are indeed on the right path! The clear yet subtle clues start to make sense to you and you realise that your path has been cut out for you already. You will begin to notice the number 5 a lot in this stage of life. Number 5 is the biggest indicator of embracing a change that is here to transform you for good. It is important to keep in mind to not assess change as either good or bad, rather as a necessity that has to be embraced.

Only then will you realise that your path is your own and you can walk down it dauntlessly with love!




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