People are usually wary of their skill for picking up all the varied emotional energies around them but studies have proven that those who can do this have sharp psychic abilities.

By improving your skills as an empath, you can also learn these four super powers that are present in empathic people.

1. Mind reading

Most people can pick up on small hints in body language, speech and gesture, and with some skill, can understand what a person is really feeling or tell if they are hiding something.

Empaths are on a level above ordinary people in the sense that they can receive psychic visuals, colors or smells using their intuition. They can literally live someone else’s life for a while if they wish to.

When you can sense these energies, concentrate on them to have a powerful psychic experience. You will find yourself gaining priceless experience and evading many mistakes and wrong turns.

2. Gain a deeper connection with yourself

Use your power to empathize with the emotions of others to connect with your own and increase your emotional growth. This is called self-empathy, an act of compassion towards yourself.

Listen to yourself in order to be able to communicate with others better. This will also help them think in a different direction and prevent misunderstanding.

For example, if a relative says something you do not agree with, instead of feeling panicked or angry, acknowledge and accept their feelings and try to explain yourself calmly and lovingly.

3. Remove all the negative energy

Empaths are often hyper aware of all the negative energies in the world and this sensitivity can often be harmful to them. Try to look for positive energy or a way to convert negative energy.

Simple things like quiet meditation, plants and flowers that emit pleasant energy, looking at the lighter side of all situation and laughter can help open up your mind to positivity.

4. Sensitivity can be a skill

Are you extremely vulnerable to allergies? Do even small things like not having the right set of sheets, common smells, and processed meals affect you drastically?

If you are the kind of person who requires absolute peace and quiet to go to sleep because you need the time to unburden yourself from all that you’ve absorbed throughout the day, you have an advantage.

You can use your vulnerability to make lives better. You can work on replacing artificial chemicals with natural ingredients in many products or on creating peaceful places like reading rooms and gardens.

All this and more can be done for others using just your skills as an empath. Rather than considering it a curse, embrace your power and you can accomplish anything.




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