For the most part, we find that our lives are defined by the relationships we cultivate. The people we interact with influence our perception and play a role in how our character is developed.

We find ourselves coming into contact with a diverse plethora of people. They could be optimists, good listeners, light hearted, straightforward and so on.

However, we need to be wary because every positive virtue also has a negative counterpart. Those who have more of the latter could prevent you from finding happiness in your life.

Life is short and it is important to live it the best way possible. For this, it is necessary to nurture relationships with honorable and good people who will help us grow.

Here are 3 kinds of people who might come across as friendly but can be very dangerous.

  1. The Schemer

Beware of people who come into your life pretending to be friends who are looking out for you, but are actually using you for something you have. It could be your money or your body or your status.

When you meet them, you might sense that something is off around them. If this happens, trust your intuition and do not let yourself be deceived.

  1. The Bulldozer

These people are bullies who take great pleasure in hurting others. They enjoy pulling down and tormenting other people as this makes them feel superior to those who are weaker than them.

Many psychologists argue that these people are usually suffering themselves and so they torment others in order to relieve themselves of their pain.

The best way to handle someone like this is to ignore them whenever possible and not take anything to heart. Their struggle is against themselves, not against you.

  1. The Egoist

Avoid people who only want to befriend you in order to climb the social ladder. They want to be seen only with people who will give them a certain status in society, not out of affection or kindness.

People like this will only hang out with you as long as you serve to boost their ego. They care little for you as a person and are only interested in using you to improve their social image.

Trust yourself to decide whether a person is right for you and value yourself enough to keep them out of your life if they are not. The people in your life should only enable you to reach higher and accomplish all your goals.



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