Even in a crowd of strangers, one enlightened soul will be able to identify another. This meeting of those whose vibrations are aligned perfectly is rare and wonderful.

They can also identify others who are held up on the road. But often it is not good to offer help as they might need to overcome their obstacles on their own.

For those trying to reach this state, the milestones given below will guide you and keep you from straying from the right path.


In the beginning, you will not know which direction to go in. Life is boring and muddled. You will be too scared to take any new route.


You will be discontented and frustrated with everything. This will be the catalyst that pushes you to take control of your own life. This is the point when your awakening will begin.


Everything changes. Your senses will become sharper and you will feel euphoric and free. But pain still lingers. You will face your past and question everything up till this moment.

Tug of War.

You are unable to choose whether to open or shut your eyes. You are scared of what will happen if you embark on this journey. The rest of your life will seem meaningless.

This is a vital moment in which you must make the choice to keep going or fall asleep again.


Your life crumbles around you leaving only darkness which helps you comprehend light. You will be acutely aware of the ugliness of the world around you and desire solitude.

At this stage, all you will consider is one burning question: “Who Am I?”


You realize that change must come from within you. You will feel at one with the rest of the world. Start studying spirituality and metaphysics to change your view of the world.


You feel wonder at how all things in this universe exist in harmony with each other. As your intuition and psychic powers grow, you begin to see how your mind shapes reality around itself.

The True Self.

Material objects cease to matter. You achieve clarity and understand that your purpose is to show the world your true, authentic self.


Your newfound connection with your true self will change your life. You will become more creative which will lead to prosperity. Your consciousness will be elevated so much so that obstacles no longer hinder you.


You understand that you have the power to create magnificent things when you merge with the Divine, the source of all energy. Your guardian angels, spirit guides and your true self will be there to guide you.


When you toil under the care of the Divine, you will begin to feel agape or unconditional love for everyone and everything. You realize that this life is fleeting and you must make it beautiful while you can.

If these stages strike a chord within you, you are a traveler on the right path to enlightenment.




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