This might seem strange to you but if you wish to earn more money, arranging your belongings in a certain way around your living and working areas can help you do so.

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophical system, teaches us how to harmonize everything in our surroundings. This is important because all things emit energy that reacts with ours.

Money is associated with energy that mostly makes people feel happy and content. If you work at creating conditions that let this energy flow smoothly, it will ensure a greater inflow of money.

Follow these six Feng Shui principles and your whole life will change.

  1. Repair anything that is broken, especially taps and dripping roofs.

Feng Shui teaches that water is connected to money and emotions. The flow of water is similar to the flow of the energy associated with the two.

By ensuring that the material objects in your life are fixed, you can slowly start fixing your life.

  1. Keep the toilet covered.

Bathrooms tend to consume any positive energy. The drainage of water and the act of flushing create a significant quantity of energy which can be lost if you keep the lid of the toilet open.

Attach a red ribbon to the toilet’s pipe. This ensures that your finances are protected.

  1. Make the front door beautiful.

Your front door should radiate a feeling of welcome to those who see it. Clear any litter that might be preventing the flow of positive energy into your house.

Make sure your doorbell works so that you never miss any opportunity that comes knocking. Place your address and house number in a visible place and energy will not be lost on its way to your home.

  1. The power of symbols.

Ancient Tibetan traditions dictate that what you see on the left when you enter through your front door is very important. This area is intertwined with your finances.

This part should be neatly arranged. Place some beautiful, scented plants there. Keep the flow of energy and money stable by beautifying your walls with scenes of nature that represent freedom and positivity.

  1. Keep your fireplace in good condition.

Wood stoves are said to symbolize prosperity. Clean them often and keep the chimney well maintained.

You will be freeing energy which can attract good business and more profit.

  1. Value money.

Now that you’ve done what you can to improve your surroundings, you must change your own perception of money.

Instead of seeing it as something that is obtained through corrupt and nefarious means, look at money as a reward for being hard working, kind, smart and dedicated.

Lastly and most importantly, remember to be grateful for all that you have. If you are happy and hope for the best, you will radiate positive energy that can attract wealth.



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