Being Polite is one of the essential qualities a person should have. Today, we’re going to talk about the repercussions of being excessively polite. Politeness can bring about lots of negative impacts in your life. Now, we’re going to talk about the impacts of being overly polite:

1. Emotional Disturbance

When you continuously try to be polite to everyone the first consequence will be that you would end up suppressing your emotions. The constant itch to be loved and respected doesn’t let you show your anger, hatred or any true emotions. If the habit continues, it results in emotional and psychological disturbances which trigger many neurotic and physical disorders.

2. Maintaining your reputation takes a toll on you.

The worst thing which can happen to you is that, you are put in a constant pressure to maintain your image. You have a constant desire to get everyone to love the image which you have created for yourself. What you don’t realize is that, this constant desire to maintain your reputation can cause you stress. One needs to destroy the mask in order to do away with stress of these kinds.

3. You get used by others.

When you want others to like you, you give them a chance to use you. People who are self-obsessed or the greedy ones see a chance in you. They are lured to you as they know you are going to fulfil their needs. When you are in a constant need to please others, you end up falling prey to them. These are the moments when they start abusing the friendship you share with them. This gives birth to a vicious circle where you are trapped until you try to get true to yourself.

4. You become a control freak.

It may feel like you are being selfless by providing others with what they want. But, in reality it is similar to controlling people’s perception about you. The constant pressure to control other’s point of view regarding your nature drains you out of energy. It gives rise to insecurity and a feeling of worthlessness. You are always required to make efforts in order to secure the mask which you have put up.

5. The Real-You gets lost somewhere.

Sometimes, in order to please others, people tend to hide their real selves. They do so to get approval from peers. They agree with everything they say, not giving any heed to their original opinion. This may lead to a very confused identity. It is always better to have your own set of beliefs and principles than being a part of the herd.

Excess of everything is bad. A healthy dose of politeness is necessary but over- politeness puts your character down.



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