“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”
― Chris Maser

For the people who don’t realize how real Global Warming or Ozone Depletion is- this is the perfect reminder of our absolute dependence on the Environment. When we cut trees, release more carbon in the air than that can be cleaned, make mountains of garbage every few miles, and other such things, we are directly harming ourselves.

Those in the lap of luxury may not feel the threat of environmental depletion so greatly, but the reality is starkly different for those who don’t have the privilege and the means to be comfortable in their ignorance. Someone who doesn’t have to walk miles and miles to get drinking water doesn’t think twice before letting the tap run during their morning chores. But for an alarmingly large population, especially in third world countries, water is as much a luxury as diamonds.

The population boom of the past century has put tremendous stress on our natural resources. Add to it the greed of Capitalism and the future is very, very bleak. The gap between the Haves and Have Nots is greater than ever, and even the elite won’t be able to avoid the consequences of the never-ending greed of the human race.

Though earth is inhabited by a blindingly huge variety of species, humans have single handedly brought about and revved up the destruction of the entire planet. So many animals and birds have been deprived of their natural habitat- thanks to the ever encroaching human establishments as well as environmental effects. But the surprising fact is, despite of all the statistics, all the figures of extinct and endangered species, of ozone depletion, of the drastic climate change, we somehow fail to take note of the enormity of the situation.

Unless something affects us personally, we can never comprehend how real the problem is. Unless and until it is right in our faces, we would live in the happy oblivion of ‘Not My Problem’. But this attitude has been tragic for our planet to say the least. We only have this one planet, and even then we are nearly too late in saving it. A quite cynical friend of mine even argued that it is too God damn late and there is now no point in trying to reverse the harm. Late as it may be, it will still be better than never.

The environment and human life are so deeply linked that without the environment we cannot hope to last one minute. We need to shake ourselves out of this inertia of letting things go the way they are if we hope to still have a planet for our future generations to survive. Remember life on Mars is still not possible yet, so we better take care of the one planet that we already have.

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