Morgan Freeman is a name which doesn’t need any introduction. He is an old man with an experience of 86 years, sharing his wisdom with the new generation. He begins by talking about his life in old age in his message for the young ones. He says that he is one of the richest celebrities yet he can’t buy his health or life. He has his family and millions of fans but, the old age has made him a lone person. He finally says that he has made mistakes in his life of which he wants to warn us all.

Freeman then addresses the question of money and the evil associated with it. He says that the concept of money is not what brings corruption, but the greed is the reason behind the evil. When a person tries to buy happiness with money, the vicious circle traps a person. He goes on saying that the money which buys happiness is the reason because of which people are broke nowadays. This is the reason why you pose a selfish egotistical figure in front of your family and friends.

He asks the question “why?”

Morgan Freeman asks the younger beings to end their fake pursuits of what they think is going to contribute to their success. He believes that these issues divert you from the true purpose of life and suggests us to seek the meaning of life elsewhere. He urges us to reconsider our understanding of success.

“Whom do you aspire to be like?”

“You can regain the balance of your priorities in life. You can heal your marriage and recreate a stronger love than you ever thought was possible. You can become the best parent possible at any age, even 86, but don’t wait until then. You’ll always be able to make more money but you cannot make more time.”

Freeman then says that he is too old to live and his life is approaching its end. Then he reminds us that all of us are going to meet a similar fate one day. The question that faces us is that how do we want us to be remembered? And how should we live to make a better place to live? And the existentialism comes to the fore when he asks us about our true purpose in this human world?

Morgan Freeman answers his own question by suggesting us an easy way out from all this. And this, he says, is love, which can answer all those questions. He says life is about being a part of the world and helping each other. He ends his message with a simple statement which is a very important one for all of us: “Together with love, compassion, forgiveness, and in faith in humanity; we will defeat evil once and for all.”



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