How many weekends and long weekends have you wasted in your lifetime? I, for myself, can easily answer this.


Half of the time it is the tiredness of the whole week’s work that never seems to lessen. The rest and most of the time, my two super powers namely laziness and procrastination get the better of me. And thus goes down the drain, numerous long weekends which I could have spent doing something productive; at least more productive than slumbering in my house.

I never realised the importance of weekends when I was a student. The time I landed a job with a newspaper agency, where one tends to forget the existence of something called a weekend or a Sunday, it dawned upon me that I have let go so many sweet weekends when I had the chance to enjoy them. The moment I switched back to academics, I knew that one thing that I am definitely going to accomplish is to utilise my weekends and not let them vanish while I spend my whole day in the bed or in front of the computer.

How I made my weekends work for me? There are a plethora of things that you can do during long weekends. You just need to have the will power to push yourself. Here are five things you can do the next time you are presented with the golden opportunity of a long weekend:

  1. Know thy city

I consider myself lucky that I live in a city which is rich in culture and heritage. I have been living here for so many years now and I still don’t know about several places. What I mean is that there is always something there to be explored in and around the very place you reside. Also, use your time on Facebook to find about interesting events like book launches, photo walks, nature trail walks, food festivals that might be happening in your city.

  1.     Escape

It’s high time you actually go on that trek to the nearest hill station, the ads of which you have been seeing all over the social media since months. All you need to do is plan it out properly. Keep a track of when you are going to get the next long weekend and decide where you want to go. Start saving money accordingly. Look for deals for treks and hotels online. Ask your friends who might accompany you. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a few days can rejuvenate you to the levels that you cannot even imagine.

  1. Catching up

It is not that your weekend will be worthwhile only if you go on a trip. If you don’t feel like spending much money, then you can catch up with your friends. As we grow older, we hardly get any time to sit with our friends and have a long nice conversation. You might feel that you are already in touch with your friends via WhatsApp and Messenger. But trust me, nothing can beat a face-to-face meeting.

  1. Volunteer

This is one great way to spend your weekend and feel worthwhile at the same time. Join a cleanliness drive, or visit an old age home, or help organisations/NGOs involved in providing aid to the victims of some natural disaster. There is so much you can do for your community. My sister used to teach Sanskrit to our house helper’s daughter and her friends. There is no better feeling than knowing that you were instrumental in bringing even a small change in someone’s life.

  1. Self help is the best help

If you still feel too lazy to get out of your home and rather would prefer to spend time in front of your laptop then maybe use it judiciously. We all have that blog which was made in all enthusiasm ages ago and is now lying dormant. Now is the time to renovate your blog. A long weekend would provide you with sufficient time to plan and redo/redesign your online journal.


However stupid it may sound, getting long weekends or rather weekends is a privilege. Most of the people work 24×7 to earn their livelihood. Therefore, make the most out of this advantage.


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