College is fun. I do not have to follow a strict discipline and routine like school. But I still am a student, so I don’t have much of the responsibilities of a working adult. I get to meet so many new people from different cultures and sometimes different countries. Being in college has given me exposure which has helped me grow and find my own niche of interest. My best buddies are people who I have met in college. And the professors seem less like dictators and more like friends. Isn’t that cool?

However, all of this does not mean that everything is rosy about college life. What I feel is that every stage of one’s life has its own set of challenges, frustrations and stress. Things which might seem trivial to another person like projects, assignments and presentations become the cause of anxiety in most of us. The humungous amount of books that you are prescribed to read to cover your syllabus can leave you overwhelmed. And we students do not stop at just this. We constantly are looking for internships, part-time jobs (some to improve our CV, others out of necessity or some extra money) which leaves us even more stressed. But worrying too much can have ill effects on our health and it may even lead to depression and insomnia. We cannot do away with the studies but we can always learn to handle it better. Here are 10 ways to handle college in a better way:

  1. Eat healthy

You may think how this is going to help you deal with college, but taking care of what you eat and being aware about how much of it can actually affect your memory, retention power, concentration and your over all well-being, can prove to be a very useful thing.

  1. Take breaks

Often before exams when we are under a lot of stress, we tend to study non-stop without realising that our minds had ceased grasping quite some time back. Whereas taking short breaks in between can increase your concentration by giving your mind and body small doses of rest.

  1. Sleep/health

Neglecting sleep is the biggest mistake a college student can commit. Students often sleep just for two-three hours at night. When the body doesn’t get proper rest, it affects the functions of the brain too. For some time, you may be able to follow the low-on-sleep routine only to soon find out that your health has deteriorated adversely.

  1. Be positive

It is the third semester and most of my friends in college are already disillusioned about their lives. Although it is good to think about your future plans, getting disenchanted completely won’t help. Instead you should believe in yourself and try to look out for positive side of the situation.

  1. Choose your company wisely

Be with people who make you feel better about yourself and in general and not with those who make your college life miserable. Avoid peer pressure and do not engage in activities which you don’t approve of just to fit in a ‘cool’ group.

  1. Time management

Prioritise and segregate your work according to importance and relevance. Also keep some time to pursue your hobby/passion.

  1. Don’t overload yourself

Do not overburden yourself. It reduces your competence.

  1. Start early

Instead of doing everything at the eleventh hour and feeling last minute panic, make a plan beforehand of what all you need to do. Become a consistent worker and not someone who just rushes through things to get them over with. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

  1. Talk

Stress, frustration — these all need to be talked about instead of being bottled up inside us. Apart from studies, there are many experiences which are new for us and not all of them are good. Talking about them will help you learn new things and it will be less likely that you suffer from depression and anxiety.

  1. Alcohol isn’t your best friend

One more reason why talking becomes necessary is that when we have no one to share our problems with, we seek the easy way of ‘forgetting our sorrows’ i.e. alcohol and drug abuse. Choose talking over tripping.

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